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Title: A Whisper in Space - Adventures of the Spitfire Crew, Book 1
Author: David C. Drizzit
Publisher: FHR Publishing House
Format: Ebook for Kindle, Nook, Reader, Ipad, Iphone
Release Date: August, 2011
Length: 30,000 words, 85 pages
Retail Price: $.99
Genre: Space Western

Miles Knighton is a bounty hunter for hire, whose current mission is to take into custody an inter-galactic criminal who goes by the name Santagello. Shorthanded on crew, coin, and fuel, Miles and his crew must avoid the hazards of space, while fending off threats in all directions.

He also must work to assemble the crew he needs, if he is going to have any chance of catching his prey, while ferrying a load of temperamental passengers in an effort to generate a little extra coin.

In this action packed Space Western, survival is dependent on personal fortitude as Miles and his crew explore a galaxy in which those on the frontier have only the barest essentials, while others have the most modern technology available.

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Title: Big Damn Love Story - Adventures of the Spitfire Crew, Book 2
Author: David C. Drizzit
Publisher: FHR Publishing House
Release Date: June 26, 2012
Length: 70,000 words
Retail Price: 3.99
Space Western (with a romance subplot)
Basic Information:
Book 2 continues in the action-packed spirit of book 1, but will add in a romance element and more fully develop the key characters we met in book 1.

Blurb: Love can be dangerous.

For Miles Knighton, Captain of the Spitfire, shipboard romances are something he’s always tried to avoid. They bring complications and dangerous distractions, and distractions are something he doesn’t need right now.

Instead, he needs to focus on the job at hand. He has captured the vile slaver Santagello, but doesn’t have enough fuel to make it to the drop point. To earn some badly needed money, he takes a job protecting a town from mujees.

But too many distractions are in play at the moment. Besides taking aboard his former lover and finding a stowaway, the Captain has to help his daughter return to health after taking a bullet for him, while learning how to be a father.

The worst distraction of all is the doctor tending to his daughter’s gunshot wound, Zell. A woman of undeniable beauty and unending compassion, the doctor has cast her lot with his crew, and in doing so has placed herself in greater danger than she could imagine.

With so many distractions working against him, what tragic consequences will befall Miles and his crew?  Big Damn Love Story is a full-length novel, and the sequel to David’s smash debut novella, A Whisper in Space.

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