Sunday, January 22, 2012

Interesting Book

I saw this book review online, and this book looks intriguing.  the book is called "Break Out" and is written by Nina Craft, and the review was written by Jorce Lamb of USA Today (link here).

if you get a chance, check out this review and pick up a copy of the book if it looks interesting.

The People vs. George Lucas

This article on Big Hollywood talks about george Lucas, and how he views fans as the reason he stopped making Star Wars movies.  Interesting, there is no chance fans hated episodes I and II so much because they sucked!!!

Mesaah thinks George screwed up when he made Jar Jar Binks!!!

Read the full article here (link here).

Saturday, January 14, 2012

"The Philosophy of Joss Whedon" Book available

I just read an article on (link here) mentioning a new book that is now out called The Philosophy of Joss Whedon.  A initial look appears to be very promising, and I would encourage everyone to check it out.

The book is available through the Kentucky Press (link to buy book here).

Since a lot of Joss' works are sources of inspiration for me and the things I write, I am definitely looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of this.
"Focused on the philosophical musings evoked by Whedon and company's rich televisual, filmic, web, and comic book texts, the collection proves simultaneously accessible and substantive, while also confirming and extending a substantial body of work by the community of Whedon scholars. Most commendably, the authors' manage to teach readers-students, professors, and fans-just as much about Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Sartre, and Nietzsche as about Malcolm Reynolds, the spaceship Serenity, Cordelia Chase, Billy/Dr. Horrible, and Caroline Farrell/Echo."

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Info on Firefly MMO---Still a Possibility on January 5 reported that the studio that was making the Firefly MMO has closed its doors. Full article here

Multiverse Studios was also making a Buffy MMO, but has been unable to operate profitably.

Fortunately, later that same day VG24/ reported that a new group, called Multiverse Foundation, has bought the source-code and is working on securing the rights for a Firefly MMO as their first MMO.  Full article here

If they get this game to market, I will definitely sign up right away, as I would love the opportunity to explore the verse' with River, Mal, Kaylee, Jayne, Wash, Zoe, Simon, Book, Inara, Patience, Badger, and all the other character from Firefly as NPCs.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Portait of Sabina

I've decided to have Sabina return for book 2, and have increased her role and significance.

In my series, as in life, their are overt enemies, and less direct antagonists.  Sabina of course is the later.  In the first book, she starts as a nuisance, a pest who Miles contends with because she is a paying passenger.  She consistently demonstrates her wealth, along with her lazy, spoiled nature.  She also demonstrates her view that she is one of society's elite, better than commoners like Miles.  Later on, we learn that she has a past, one that has led to the placement of a bounty on her head, apparently by her husband.  We also see a very manipulative side to her come out on a few occasions.

Sabina's role is critical, adding tension to the story, along with twists and turns in the plot.

My inspiration for Sabina is drawn from a few individuals I have encountered during my life, people who really did act in ways that are similar to Sabina

In book 2, we'll explore more of her background.  Her return will be under unusual circumstances.  We'll see that there is a deadly side to her, as well as a softer side.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Reading E-books Without Buying an Kindle, Nook, or E-Reader

Whether it's my book or another fine work, reading an electronic version of a book is quickly becoming common.  Ebooks are significantly cheaper that print versions, and take up less space in the physical world.

If you read often, paying $89-$250 for an electronic book reader may be a good investment.  If, on the other hand, you only read occasionally, or if money is tight (the United States any many other parts of the world are still in a recession), buying an electronic device may not be a good option.

Fortunately, you can read ebooks without an electronic reader, and here's some ways how:

  • Barnes and Noble ( offers free software that allows you to read Nook-books from your Ipad, Iphone, Android, PC, or Mac.  Visit for more details.
  • offers offers free software that lets you read Kindle books from your Ipad, Iphone, Blackberry, Android, PC, Mac, or Windows Phone 7.
  • Smashwords offers the ability to download books to your PC in PDF or HTML format.  Visit for more details.
All of these options make ebook a more attractive option that a regular book. 

Still, for your favorite books sometimes having a physical copy is irreplaceable.