Friday, June 29, 2012

Magazine celebrating Writers

I just learned about an interesting magazine that celebrates writers, called InspiredViewpoints.  On initial view, this looks like a great production.

Here's the description from their website.
InspiredViewpoints, a magazine that celebrates creators of all Genre. A collaborative venture to foster community among creative professionals.
More information can be found here InspiredViewpoints.

First Independent Review---Book 2

The first independent,unsolicited review of my 2nd ebook, Big Damn Love Story, was posted on  The reviewer gave it 4 stars out of 5.  Here are a few key quotes:
"He does a good job with characters for the most part. " 
"While it is not firefly it is like a cousin of it. It has the same type of feel. It did not really bog down like many new writers do." 
" is better than fan fic and hits the same notes as firefly without being a direct ripoff. "
 The reviewer does note that there are a few spelling errors throughout the book.  I spotted several during proofreading by obviously missed a few.

Read the full review and buy the book on or if you have a nook, go to


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Who is Miles Knighton

Who is Miles Knighton?

He is a complex man, with many positive and negative traits, and I thought I would start to give a picture of his personality.  Besides being my main character, he is the Captain of the Spitfire, a man who shoulders great responsibility.  He is a bit of the anti-hero, like Sherlock Holmes or House.

Some of his positive traits include:

  • Loyalty---Miles is extremely loyal to his crew.  We'll see this develop a lot more in future books.  Miles makes a choice to keep Taro around, despite his obvious deficiencies and transgressions, out of loyalty to him.  He even displays a level of loyalty to Sabina, someone he absolutely loathes, when he refuses to fly her captor and her to Magistrate Seagrave.
  • Self Reliance---The last thing Miles will ever do is look to someone else for help. If he can't find a solution he can enact on his own, he'll start handing down orders to his crew, but the last thing he'll ever do is ask for help.
  • Analytical---Miles always tries to think through a problem and find the solution.  He looks for the patterns in how others behave, and the deviations.  He gathers information so he can make the best decision.
  • Altruistic---Miles may not always obey the law, but he always obeys his conscious.  He has a very clear sense of right and wrong.  When he sees the defenseless little boy Zhiyuan being chased by mujees, he feels compelled to intervene on the boys behalf.  He also lets a medic tends to the wounded without fear of being harmed.  He pursues Santagello so relentlessly partially because of the heinous nature of his crimes.
  • Perseverance---Miles faces many obstacles in his journey, and never gives up working to overcome them.
  • Leader---Miles is a born leader.  In any crisis, he is always giving directions, and keeping others on task.
Some of Miles' less desirable traits include:
  • Vanity---Miles his vain, about his appearance, his way with women, and his title as Captain.  He sees himself as attractive and confident.  He later delays their chase so he can flirt with a random stranger named Velda, and forgets all about a gunfight when he sees the attractive medic.
  • Temper-mental---Miles can loose his temper at times.  We see this when he scolds Taro about getting involved with a passenger, and when he scolds Colorado when she doesn't refer to him as Captain.  He also has a low tolerance for negativity, and flares his nostrils anytime someone whines or complains.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Whisper in Space---Introduction

Here is the introduction I am adding to my first book, A Whisper in Space:

I’m Miles Knighton, Bounty Hunter extraordinaire and Captain of the Spitfire, my pride’n joy transport ship.  Here’s my lot in life.
Right now I have a few holes in my crew, which is causing me some angst.  Navigator’s always been the toughest spot for me to fill on my crew; I just seem to have no luck with them.  Right now I am relegated to going without.  It might not hurt to find a good doctor either; it seems pretty regular that my crew has wounds that need patching.
My pilot, Suttie, has flown with me for nearly 20 years, fought in the war with me as well.  His real name is Sutherlan, but that’s a mouthful.  He’s a damn good pilot, and he’s the best shot I had ever seen.
My mechanic’s a pretty-boy named Taro.  He’s pretty useless in a fight, and pretty flighty to boot.  Worse, he doesn’t seem to know his head from his backside when it comes to fixing my ship.  As soon as I can find an adequate replacement, he’s off my crew.
I’m chasing a goon named Santagello, a real low life son-of-a-bitch.  He’s pretty elusive, as I’ve been chasing him for a good long spell, but I think I’m wearing him down.
I also have a decent herd of passengers, though they tend to be quite a nuisance and one in particular is downright annoying.  Still, they’re paying their fare, and as the old saying goes, “All work is good work.”

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