Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cover Text for The Chancy Cargo

Here is the cover text for my latest ebook, The Chancy Cargo:

For Miles Knighton, life was supposed to be a whole lot simpler now that he has cast aside his romantic complications.  When his foolhardy minstrel takes on a dangerous cargo without telling Miles, he soon has the Nation of Earth forces engaged in a relentless pursuit that has galactic implications.

The Spitfire is also pursued by Calvin Bohannon and Kip Zanon, bounty hunters who are bent on capturing Miles.  Worse yet, Sabina remains a constant threat bent on revenge after her failed attempt to claim the Spitfire as her own ship.   
The Chancy Cargo is the third novel in David Drizzit's breakout series, Adventures of the Spitfire Crew.
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Introduction---The Chancy Cargo (Book 3)

Here is the introduction to book 3, The Chancy Cargo which can be bought on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Unlike the introduction to the first 2 books, which were told through the voice of the Captain, Miles, this introduction is told through the voice of his daughter, the navigator.

I’m Colorado Knighton, Navigator on the Spitfire, though I prefer Chloe, and here's my lot in life.

My dad calls me smiles, because of my sunny disposition.  The only thing that seems to break my smile is that he won't let me call him daddy.  I'm always supposed to call him Captain.  Of course you can't blame a girl for slipping up every now and again.  Besides, daddy sounds so much better, don't ya think?

My dad Miles is a Bounty Hunter, and also the Captain of the Spitfire.  He calls it his pride’n joy transport ship.  He is still getting to know me, and getting used to being a father.  I can't blame him, as mom never told him about me.  Had he not stumbled upon me back on Drexlo, he might still be in the dark, and he'd be a whole lot worse off without me.  I seem to have an uncanny knack for bailing him out of trouble.

He has holes in his crew again.  He lost his pilot Sutherlan in a gun-battle.  Suttie had flown with my dad for nearly twenty years.  He was a trustworthy ally, and so tough that at times it seemed like he spit nails. 

He also left the ship's doctor on Earth due to romantic complications.  The doctor's name was Zell, and I know he loved her, but he just wouldn't risk seeing her harmed on his account.  He tells me that he's always traveled light.  I think he was being an idiot, and maybe I can find a way to bring her back.  She'd be a great step-mom.

So Dad's got the help wanted sign out again.

As for the rest of the crew, we have an amazing security officer, who goes by the name Ah Lam.  My dad always says "That little Chinese girl is all manner of deadly, and I would’ve been foolish not to sign her on."  She's also very stealthy, so he chose to call her Sneaks.  She brought aboard a useless minstrel, who does nothing but strum his guitar all day.  I don't expect him to stick around long.

The mechanic is a young man named Taro.  He also used to share a bed with Ah Lam, a mess my dad is still cleaning up.  He’s pretty useless in a fight, and pretty flighty to boot.  He even tried hitting on me once, which was just kind'a creepy.  But he seems to be finally getting better at fixing the ship.

I almost forgot about the kid, Zhiyuan.  He lost his parents in a Mujee raid on Drexlo, and is now an orphan.  My dad rescued him, and since he keeps out of trouble, my dad lets him stick around.  I look after him, almost like a mother would.

Speaking of being a mother, I haven't told daddy yet, but in a little bit I'll be making him a grandpa.  I met a really nice guy while on the job, and the poor guy died in a gunfight, the same one that claimed Suttie's life.  At least he left a part of himself with me before a bullet took him from me.

We just finished a big job, and we’re on the prowl for work again.  We mainly take on contract work as bounty hunters, and Daddy just got a contract to catch a thief named Palmer Whett.   We’ll take on other jobs too;  As my daddy always says, “All work is good work.”
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