Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Geo-politics of "Whisper in Space"

Whisper in Space takes place in our galaxy, about 200 or so years in the future.  Mankind has expanded into space, and just in time, as global war has engulfed the galaxy.

A large group of Nations, jealous of the prosperity that has been achieved by the Americans and Chinese, have banded together.  Their goals was to form one world government, so that all would share in the prosperity, and they eventually came to call this government the Nation of Earth ("NOE").  The NOE has driven the Americans and Chinese off of earth, and now controls half the galaxy. Their goal is to take over the entire galaxy, and unite everyone under their rule.  Unfortunately for them, their war against the Chinese and Americans has reached a stalemate.

The Chinese have worked hard to remain the toughest adversary for the NOE.  During their expansion into the galaxy and subsequent flight from earth, the Chinese government expanded the freedom of their people, as they simply became too big to maintain the level of control they had once had.  They are now for all intensive purposes the largest beacon of freedom and liberty in the whole galaxy.

United States
The United States has been pushed to a small corner of the galaxy, where they hold on to a small cluster of planets.  Through the development and use of superior technology, they have been able to set up a strong defense grid, and economically remain a powerhouse where capitalism prospers.  The United States is allied with China out of necessity.

The Mujahideen is the last remaining islamic extremist organization, united together in their effort to reclaim their holy land from the NOE.  They operate as lawless brigands, raiding towns and stealing what they please, like the pirates of old, while hoping to eventual gather up enough resources to be able to return to earth and drive the infidels out of their holy land.

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