Sunday, June 3, 2012

Whisper in Space---Introduction

Here is the introduction I am adding to my first book, A Whisper in Space:

I’m Miles Knighton, Bounty Hunter extraordinaire and Captain of the Spitfire, my pride’n joy transport ship.  Here’s my lot in life.
Right now I have a few holes in my crew, which is causing me some angst.  Navigator’s always been the toughest spot for me to fill on my crew; I just seem to have no luck with them.  Right now I am relegated to going without.  It might not hurt to find a good doctor either; it seems pretty regular that my crew has wounds that need patching.
My pilot, Suttie, has flown with me for nearly 20 years, fought in the war with me as well.  His real name is Sutherlan, but that’s a mouthful.  He’s a damn good pilot, and he’s the best shot I had ever seen.
My mechanic’s a pretty-boy named Taro.  He’s pretty useless in a fight, and pretty flighty to boot.  Worse, he doesn’t seem to know his head from his backside when it comes to fixing my ship.  As soon as I can find an adequate replacement, he’s off my crew.
I’m chasing a goon named Santagello, a real low life son-of-a-bitch.  He’s pretty elusive, as I’ve been chasing him for a good long spell, but I think I’m wearing him down.
I also have a decent herd of passengers, though they tend to be quite a nuisance and one in particular is downright annoying.  Still, they’re paying their fare, and as the old saying goes, “All work is good work.”

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