Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some Great Ebooks by Independent Authors

Ebooks make great, affordable reading, and here are a few recommendations, all of which were written by new, up-and-coming authors. Looking at the descriptions, each of these look like they are well written and exciting:

A Whisper in Space - David C. Drizzit ($.99 Kindle Edition)

Big Damn Love Story - David C. Drizzit ($3.99 Kindle Edition)

Hawk of May (Down the Long Way 1) - Gillian Bradshaw ($9.99 Kindle Edition)

Felix Faust (the Arcane Insurrection - Dexter Morgenstern ($.99 Kindle Edition)

Lady Grace: A Thrilling Adventure Wrapped in the Embrace of Epic Love - Sandy Nathan ($3.99 Kindle Edition)

Quicker (an Ell Donsaii story) - Laurence Dahners ($2.99 Kindle Edition)

Neverfound (Seven Masks) - Katherine Velthuyzen ($.99 Kindle Edition)

Happy Reading!

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