Monday, February 18, 2013

Book 3 to Have Fewer Gunfights

As I wrote book 1, A Whisper in Space, if wanted to portray the danger Miles Knighton faces every day, so I worked in a very healthy dose of gunplay.  Two major gunfights and a few minor skirmished is quite substantial for a 30k word story.

When I wrote book 2, Big Damn Love Story, I found that I wanted to focus a lot more on the characters, and so while the story is more than twice as long (70k words) it still only had 4 gunfights.

As I have written book 3, I wanted to move the story even more towards the characters.  Subsequently, I am now 35k words into the story, which will ultimately be between 45k and 50k words.  So far I have only 1 gunfight, and no plans to work in any more.  I think that overall the story will work out better, and I look forward to completing it.


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