Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cover Text for The Chancy Cargo

Here is the cover text for my latest ebook, The Chancy Cargo:

For Miles Knighton, life was supposed to be a whole lot simpler now that he has cast aside his romantic complications.  When his foolhardy minstrel takes on a dangerous cargo without telling Miles, he soon has the Nation of Earth forces engaged in a relentless pursuit that has galactic implications.

The Spitfire is also pursued by Calvin Bohannon and Kip Zanon, bounty hunters who are bent on capturing Miles.  Worse yet, Sabina remains a constant threat bent on revenge after her failed attempt to claim the Spitfire as her own ship.   
The Chancy Cargo is the third novel in David Drizzit's breakout series, Adventures of the Spitfire Crew.
Read the book here:
The Chancy Cargo -

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