Saturday, January 11, 2014

David Talks About Plans for Books 4 & 5

David's first 3 books, A Whisper in Space, Big Damn Love Story, and The Chancy Cargo, have done well.  Bow David looks ahead to books 4 & 5 in this exclusive release:

Book 4
Book 4 is in the works, and while I originally intended for an August release, I might miss that target.  In book 4, Miles is going to repay a favor to Ah Lam, by working to help her find her family.  It will turn out to be an arduous endeavor fraught with peril.  Other ongoing plot lines will be continued, with some new ones being introduced as well.  The working title right now is "Ah Lam's Quest."

Book 5
This book is goign to be a little bit different.  I've found that some of my readers really like it when I write in the first person.  The first person introductions to each book have been well enjoyed.  Meara's story from Book 2 and Miles' retelling of his time with Kaivo in book 3 were very well liked.  So in book 5, I've decided to make it a collection of short stories about the different characters in the series, Colorado, Taro, Mina, Ah Lam, Miles, Zhiyuan, Zell, and maybe even smaller characters like Royce, Sabina, Boyd, Kaivo, and Meara may see their own stories.  Each of them will be first person naratives, and it will add a lot of flavor to each of the characters as you read about them in future books.

The idea came from a series of books for the Star Wars Expanded Universe.  The series included Tales of the Bounty Hunters, short stories about each of the bounty hunters we see on the deck of the Imperial Star Destroying in the Empire Strikes Back.  there was a Tales of the Cantina and a Tales of

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