Friday, January 6, 2012

A Portait of Sabina

I've decided to have Sabina return for book 2, and have increased her role and significance.

In my series, as in life, their are overt enemies, and less direct antagonists.  Sabina of course is the later.  In the first book, she starts as a nuisance, a pest who Miles contends with because she is a paying passenger.  She consistently demonstrates her wealth, along with her lazy, spoiled nature.  She also demonstrates her view that she is one of society's elite, better than commoners like Miles.  Later on, we learn that she has a past, one that has led to the placement of a bounty on her head, apparently by her husband.  We also see a very manipulative side to her come out on a few occasions.

Sabina's role is critical, adding tension to the story, along with twists and turns in the plot.

My inspiration for Sabina is drawn from a few individuals I have encountered during my life, people who really did act in ways that are similar to Sabina

In book 2, we'll explore more of her background.  Her return will be under unusual circumstances.  We'll see that there is a deadly side to her, as well as a softer side.

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