Monday, May 28, 2012

Big Damn Love Story, Introduction

Here is the introduction to book 2, Big Damn Love Story, which will refresh reader's memories of what happened in book 1.

I’m Miles Knighton, Bounty Hunter extraordinaire and Captain of the Spitfire, my pride’n joy transport ship.  Here’s my lot in life.
I finally got my crew together after a heap of hard work.  My pilot, Suttie, has flown with me for nearly 20 years, fought in the war with me as well.  His real name is Sutherlan, but that’s a mouthful.  He’s a damn good pilot, and I used to say he was the best shot I had ever seen.
That was before I met Ah Lam.  That little Chinese girl is all manner of deadly.  I’d be foolish not to sign her on, so I made her my security officer.
My mechanic’s a pretty-boy named Taro.  He’s pretty useless in a fight, and pretty flighty to boot, but I think he’s finally getting better at fixing the ship.
Navigator’s always been the toughest spot for me to fill on my crew; I just seem to have no luck with them.  My latest is a girl named Colorado, though that’s also a mouthful, so instead I call her Smiles, because when I met her she was smilin’ from ear to ear.  In our last gunfight she got shot, another example of my bad luck with navigators.  Hopefully she’ll pull through; otherwise I’ll be without a navigator again.  Before she fell unconscious she told me I’m her dad.  I’m not sure I totally buy that, but it could be true.
I might finally have a doctor.  She’s amazingly attractive, and I think she’s got a crush on me, but shipboard romances can get complicated so I might be best to fly without her.  Still, good doctors are hard to find.
Meara’s a trader who rents a shuttle from me.  She’s also very attractive, but she’s way too unscrupulous for my tastes.  That woman’d sell her own mother if the offer was good enough.
I almost forgot about the kid.  He ain’t really good for nothing ‘cept eating food, but I won’t toss him out on his ear, to fend for himself.  Even I’m not that cruel.
We’ve been chasing a scumbag named Santagello, a real piece of work who likes to kidnap teenage girls and sell ‘em as doxies.  We finally caught him, now we just got to turn him in and collect the bounty. 
We take on other jobs too.  As the old saying goes, “All work is good work.”
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8 comments: said...

Who is your publisher?

habisha said...

OK, this sounds interesting... Not getting a sense of your Captain's feelings for anyone, but I'm intrigued. Nice writing.

David C. Drizzit said...

The publisher is FHR Publishing, which is my own little publishing house. Basically I am self publishing.

Anna L. Walls said...

Oh man - this makes me want to read book 1. Good luck with this. We're connected on LinkedIn by the way.

Lyn Horner said...

Hi David,
Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn. I'd like to read Book I first. Is it available in Kindle format?

David C. Drizzit said...

Yes it is.

At the top of the page, their is a link entitled "Buy David's Books" which has linked to purchasing my books in various formats.


Lyn Horner said...

Ha! If I'd taken time to look at your sidebar, I would have know that. That'll teach me! At any rate, I just purchased A whisper in Space. It's at the top of of my TBR list.

David C. Drizzit said...

No problem and happy reading.