Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Disney Buys Lucasfilm & Star Wars, Movie in 2015

I just read about this today, and think it is great news.  Disney has bought Lucasfilms, and announced that they will begin making Star Wars movies, the first one coming out in 2015.  I have to tell you that I am pumped about this because Disney is great at making great movies.

The first Star Wars trilogy was awesome.  The second trilogy, the prequels, were a massive let-down that led to parody songs like "George Lucas Raped Our Childhood." (youtube ---

Disney is great at making movies fans want to see, and they won't make movies in a vacuum where nobody wants to stand up and say "Excuse me, Mr. Lucas, this sucks."  This article on Wired.comput it more eloquently than I can (

I feel like after the prequels I shouldtry to stay cautiously optimistic, but I want to see good Star Wars movies, ones where Han Solo Shoots first, where nobody steps on Jaba's tail, and where we don't get bogged downin an uninspired love story.  There was a grittiness about the first trilogy that hopefully will come back with Disney now at the helm.

I posted more info in a later article (


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