Saturday, November 3, 2012

Red Dawn---Theatrical trailer

This link( will take you to the trailer for the upcoming movie, Red Dawn. 

This is a remake of sorts, though unlike many remakes it seems from the previews that they have made a mucher deeper plot than the original.  Most remakes turn out to be disappointing word-for-word reproductions of the original, lacking the zesk that made the original so good (consider The Karate Kid or Footloose).  So needless to say I am pumped to see this movie.

The original was set in the early 80s, with a schlew of stars including Patrick Schwazi, Charlee Sheen, and Jennifer Grey.  Their townin Oklahoma is invaded by Cubans and El Salvidorians, part of a Russian invasion of the American midwest.  Seige is laid to cities like Denver, while small towns see all of their key people locked up in "re-education camps."  The high school students, 8 of them, fight the invaders and slowly die off, until only 2 escape to Free America.

Chris Hemsworth leads this bunch, and based on the previews it should be quite a show.  This time it's the North Koreans.  Originally they filmed it with the Chinese leading the invasion, but they wanted to sell themovie in China, which strictly regulates the content its citizens can see.

The movie comes out November 21, and is rated PG-13.


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