Friday, November 2, 2012

The Difference Between Science and Global Warming

Dear Mr. Al Gore

It's time we have a heart to heart discussion about the difference between science and global warming.

You say that most scientist agree that we are in the process of destroying the planet.  Unfortunately for you, science is not about the consensus of opinions of scientists, it's about cold hard scientific facts.  Remember just a few hundred years ago it was the consensus of all scientists, without exception, that the Earth was flat, and was the center of the universe.  The someone disagreed with that consensus,and ultimately proved everyone else wrong.

Gravity is scientific fact.  The theory behind gravity says that if I take a solid object, hold it 3 feet off the ground, and let go of the object, the object will fall.  Science (combined with math) will not only predict that the object will fall, it will tell us exactly how long it will take to fall, what speed it will achieve during the fall, etc...  It will not only predict these things, but these predictions will be precisely right, every single time, and the predictions will be made in advance of events, not in reaction to events..

Global warming has produced numerous predictions, but none of them so far have been accurate.  For example, after Hurricane Katrina, a category 5 hurricane, Global Warming "scientists" predicted that we would continue to have more serious hurricane seasons each subsequent year.

That didn't happen.

Instead, we had several years of relatively mild hurricane activity.  The reactionary prediction of global warming "scientists" didn't come to fruition.  The "science" behind global warming failed to predict hurricane Katrina, and then failed to produce a predicable result subsequent to the hurricane.

Now, a category 1 hurricane arrived late in the season and met with a cold front.  After it hit a part of the country that rarely sees hurricanes, Mr. Gore is again making the prediction that global warming will cause more severe hurricane activity.  The problem is, yet again, the prediction is in reaction to events, rather than before events.  Moreover, a category 1 hurricane is not unusual activity.  Several category 1 hurricanes hit North America each year.

A review of historical data provided by the National Hurricane Center ( shows that the most severe storm to hit the U.S. between 1851 and 2004 was in the year 1935.  Of the 18 category 4 and category 5 hurricanes to hit the U.S., only 3 occurred during my lifetime (I'm 40).  Katrina obviously need to be added to that list, but is still number 2 behind the 1935 hurricane (

Of course, global warming could not possibly have been the cause of the 1935 hurricane.

Of course, the ultimate proof that global warming is a farce is the name change.  First it was global cooling, then global warming, then global cooling, then global warming again.  Now, it is called global climate change to hide the fact that they don't know if the Earth is getting warmer or colder.


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